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Some Property Owners Are Not Insured For Sewage

Sewage Backup Requires An Insurance Rider On Your Policy

We Have A Special Deal For NON-INSURANCE Clients

We Will Still Use Our Experience & Do All We Can To See If You’re Insured

WATER DROPIs Sewage Damage Covered By Insurance

A lot of properties that have sewage back up damage are not covered by their regular homeowner’s insurance. I suggest you speak with your agent and find out if you have sewage backup coverage. You can buy a rider with your insurance company which will help cover most if not all the costs associated with a sewer loss to your property. Check our my insurance information page for more details on insurance riders. Here is a good source of sewage back up information and to also get bids from several different insurance companies for lower cost insurance.

WATER DROPHow We Remove Sewage Water

Save Money On Our Network

We belong to a nationwide network of water mitigation professionals. Our main goal is to keep raw sewage restoration reasonably priced. There are several ways we might remove standing sewage water from your crawl space or the interior of your home. We service all of the Floridas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Water damage is not something you want to put off. We can be at your doorstep within 45 minutes or less.

WATER DROPSewage Removal Procedure In Crawlspace

Basement Sewage DamageIf your crawlspace has more than 24 inches of standing water we would start with a commercial sump pump truck (Septic Pump Truck) to remove water down to about 1 inch deep

If your crawlspace has 24 or more inches or less of standing water we would start with a commercial sump pump to remove water down to about 1 inch deep

If your crawl space has 1 inch or less of standing water we would use truck mount extraction to remove most of the water throughout the crawlspace area.

WATER DROPSewage Removal From The Interior Of A Home Or Business 

Removing raw sewage from the interior of a home or business is much easier than a cramped crawlspace. We will start with spraying a safe antimicrobial before we start to help with the smell and the dangerous organisms associated with raw sewage. The second step will most likely involve removing damage contents so we can get to all the areas affected by sewage. We then begin removing all floor surfaces (Carpet, Carpet Pad, Floating Floors, Etc.) that are damaged by sewage contact. Sometimes we need to shovel excess sewage into biohazard bags for disposal before we can remove damaged flooring. After we are finished with the bulk removal we do a complete clean of all damaged surfaces and apply a second antimicrobial application to ensure complete sanitization. The final step would be the complete dry out of all wet surfaces. There is a bit more to the process and we will walk you through the complete process after our inspection.

WATER DROPWe Get You All Insurance Money You Deserve

If you don’t have insurance or you are not using insurance, we can discuss how we help our NON-INSURANCE clients. We work with all insurance companies. You don’t need to worry about getting everything you deserve from your insurance company. We have many years experience working with insurance adjusters. Our involvement with your insurance company can be as much or little as you require.

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